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Query: Can I ever see Krishna in Sakaar Rupa (form)?

Vijay Kumar:
If one could ever see ones Atman (the true self within)... it would have been possible for you to see God in Sakaar form. But, the truth is not so. Why I am describing seeing God in Sakaar form instead of Lord Krishna is explained later.

Seeing God in Sakaar form is the desire of many. Mere desires or wishes do not affect the working of the Lord, the Almighty Creator. Our destiny is directly controlled by the Karma we perform. We reap what we sow... nothing more or less! So is destined the philosophy of Karma by God Almighty! Though, it is a different matter that the Karma performed by us in our previous lives may not manifest at all in the present life and maybe perhaps four manifestations thence.

While studying physics we come across the basic building blocks of the universe... the atom and the molecules. Everything contained in whole cosmos is but a cluster of atoms and molecules. It is only when we perceive anything from the senses point of view... we see the Sakaar form of life.

Imagine the plight of one born without the sense of sight... one who has his vision impaired permanently. How does such a one lead his life? Is it only through visualizing the Sakaar form of things that the impaired one lead his life... no! It is not within the powers of one to imagine the Sakaar form of things for one has never seen the Sakaar form at any stage of life. Such a one leads his life through the Nirakaar (formless) mode of life.

It is similar to living by the fragrance of a flower even though we have not seen the bewitching fragrance at any stage of life.

Seen through the finest of the microscopes... all is nothing but a gaseous formation comprising of atoms and molecules. The form of a human being and for that fact the form of every living being is but a cluster of atoms and molecules. Everything in the Cosmos if perceived from the eyes of God Almighty... contains nothing tangible.

In truth... the whole cosmos comprises of a cluster of atmans (souls) and ether... the black dark matter that fills the whole of the cosmos. Beyond these there is nothing else in the Cosmos we can talk about. Why is it that we do not see or visualize the structure of atman the soul within our body? For the simple reason that the concept of Atman soul is beyond the comprehension of senses and the mind.

It is only when we gain absolute control of senses and the mind that the concept of Atman soul and Parmatman (God Almighty) becomes clear to us. Never before! Anyone who becomes enlightened can have a direct darshan of God Almighty. Only after having realized self that we perceive the complete cosmic structure in its entirety including the definition of God.

The description of Sakaar rupa (form) of God Almighty (having a form) in the Scriptures is for the prime reason that the Humanity always remembers God in times of distress and also happiness. Most human beings unable to comprehend God Almighty in its Nirakaar form (without a form) tend to visualize a form so that they can pray to god and seek his blessings. For a layman it is next to impossible to pray to God Almighty in his formless state... the prime reason why we have so many statues of God in our Hindu temples.

Lord Krishna... considered an Avatar was an embodiment of pure love and power which none other than Krishna himself has been able to exercise ever since the Humanity came into being. Instead of trying to see or visualize the Sakaar form of Krishna... why not we indulge in knowing our real self, our atman the soul within. In doing so we shall be able to get nearer our desired goal... the Lord Krishna himself. The moment one crosses over the threshold of senses and the mind, one reaches the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

A stage... when we can visualize the complete form of God and its creation. To have a darshan of God Almighty and the complete Cosmos in its entirety... we need to dive deep into the pearls of wisdom contained in the sacred Bhagavad Gita... the doctrine put forward by Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra between Pandavas and Kauravas.

Bhagavad Gita is the only document existing on Mother Earth that can bring us nearer to the only form of God (Nirakaar form) that one can visualize in its entirety.

If we need to have a complete vision of the entire New York... we need to go to the highest floor of the Empire State building. Standing on the ground floor or the lower levels... however best we may try shall never give us a complete vision of the New York City. Mere wishes and desires would never help.

In the domain of God... we need to indulge ourselves with the teachings contained in the sacred Bhagavad Gita... as we proceed further on the path of spirituality the working of God Almighty would start unfolding gradually.

Desire to see Krishna in the Sakaar form would never materialize... for had it been so... none would indulge self in assimilating the pearls of wisdom contained in the Bhagavad Gita.

Meera, the undaunting devotee of Lord Krishna spent her life living by the Sakaar form of Lord Krishna. In truth, Meera subconsciously was not even aware what Lord Krishna actually looked like for she was so bewitched by the intoxicating power of Lord Krishna, an Avatar of the era that inherently she knew that only following the footsteps of Lord Krishna would she be able to reach the portals of God Almighty.

For Meera... Lord Krishna meant personification of God Almighty himself. She was never after the bodily attachments of Lord Krishna but for the love and power the form of Lord Krishna exuded. Meera drank the nectar of the personified form of Lord Krishna considering it to be God Almighty himself. Meera personified the eternal bondage of love that can ever exist between a true seeker of Spirituality and God Almighty.

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 Full text of query: Please let me know if i can ever see krishna in Sakaar rupa? I would like to have his darshan inthat Rupa. when is it possible?

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