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Lord Krishna a Human Being Did Krishna Really Exist

Query: Lord Krishna a human being... Did hindu god krishna really exist?

Vijay Kumar:
Many human beings world over ponder whether Lord Krishna was an ordinary mortal... one amongst us! Or was he God manifest in human form... different from us! Lord Krishna was born an ordinary mortal like one of us. Even while remaining amidst us... he thought otherwise! He was embodiment of God Almighty in human form!

Right from beginning of time... the stage of his birth... Lord Krishna depicted valor and strength much ahead of his times... the prime reason why people considered Krishna God Almighty embodying human shape and form! It is beyond commoners... masses to imagine one amongst us encompassing such massive levels of tranquility... peace within!

In times of strife... a moment in history of mankind when society reaches its lowest ebb... coming of a messiah as per Hinduism scriptures is mandated... something society cannot do without! When ball goes flat... not even an enlightened one like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed can put the ball back on its pedestal!

It is not for a man God like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed to bring relief to society when dark forces of nature prevail all over! As destiny of mankind bid... an ordinary mortal... a commoner amongst us took the gigantic task of re-establishing Dharma (righteousness) on mother earth!

This uphill task in eyes of masses seemed impossible but for an enlightened one coupled with powers of Chanakya (the most able administrator in history of mankind)... re-establishing Dharma (righteousness) becomes ones forte! An enlightened one can provide reprieve to society in matters spiritual but when decay in administrative values occurs... none other than a messiah... God manifest in human form counters evil forces of nature!

Commoners... masses can just pray! They do not want to indulge in proper karma... the prime reason why decay in society occurred! The glare of materialistic riches... vices abound brought society to point of no return! If every individual human being remained indulged in positive karma... good karma all the time... society would have never reached such a passé!

It is not for commoners... the masses to think much! If it was within their capability to distinguish right from wrong... they would never have indulged in wrong affairs of life! Commoners... masses simply pray... worship God never realizing that in karma of every individual lay seeds of new era... the golden period ahead!

Until we indulged in positive karma... good karma all the time... society never experienced resilient times when everything is cool and tidy! When dark forces of nature bare their fangs... it becomes all the more necessary for every individual living on mother earth indulging in positive karma... good karma all the time!

The law of karma... the doctrine of karma is straight and clear! As we sow so shall we reap nothing less or more! In the domain of God there are no free lunches... everything is preordained predestined based on philosophy of karma! Only by indulgence in good karma society reaps benefits of good karma indulged! What if we indulged in negative karma all the time?

The message to the society is... let us not ponder over whether Lord Krishna was an ordinary mortal or not! The essence lay in fact that in times of strife... we have to indulge in positive karma collectively! We have no other alternative left... all the doors to glory are closed! If we reach a point of no return... a mother of all wars is the only solution... a fight to finish!

Presently humanity awaits coming of Bhagavan Kalki... the avatar of modern era! Why do we keep waiting for Bhagavan Kalki to come and cleanse society of its ills! Why do we not indulge in enacting our part of karma diligently and seriously! Only then can we hope a bright future... a proper Satyuga... a golden era ahead!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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