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Who Shall be Bhagavan Kalki

Query: Is it true that the Bhagavan Kalki must come from India, if so, are you him?

Vijay Kumar:
Why Bhagavan Kalki would be from India only has a paradox. It is not that every spiritual master must be from India but destiny has bid so for this wonderful country we know as India.

Lord Krishna came from India. Subsequently Mahavira the 24 Tirthankara of Jainism who followed him also came from India. Mahavira was followed by Gautama Buddha who also belonged to India. Gautama Buddha was followed by Jesus Christ who owed his complete wisdom to the Indian universities of Nalanda and Taxila. Then came Adi Shankaracharya and finally came Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana.

The series of spiritual masters who gained enlightenment is unending. India by and large has been a source of spiritual wisdom for the masses. As the importance of a heart in a body, so is the importance of India for Mother Earth.

The body can live without all the five senses but not without a heart... similarly, humanity can survive without Christianity, Buddhist dharma, Jaina doctrines and all other sacred documents of various religions existing on Mother Earth. But... to survive without the existence of Bharat Varsha (the modern India) is out of question!

It is not a doing of one country... it is because it was disdained so by God Almighty.

There is very beautiful episode in one of the Upanishads Treatises which very clearly epitomizes this significant truth. It so happened that all the five senses at a certain point of time decided that they had enough of atman the soul within and henceforth they would not be dictated by atman the soul within.

One by one these senses left the body for a year with the hope that when they return after a year... they would find the body in ruins. But to the surprise of all the senses... the body was hale and hearty even without these senses.

Now, it was the turn of atman the soul within to bid goodbye. The moment atman soul decided to leave the body... all the senses fell down at its feet. They begged for mercy and compassion... they had realized the absolute truth. They had realized that the body can sustain itself without the senses but not without an atman the soul within.

Similar is the fate of India amongst all the countries existing in the world. It is true that India can sustain every onslaught and has been doing so for many centuries in the past. The patience and persistence practiced by Indians has no parallel in the whole of mankind. The Indian Army is presently considered as the best amongst all the armies in the world.

It is only the practice of patience, persistence and compassion which has truly made India what it is.

In the present Kali Yuga the metal age... the whole country is reeling under the torment perpetrated by the politicians and the bureaucrats of the country. The entire police force is just supporting these two sections of the community. Still, the common man at large is willing to suffer... there is no limit to the sufferance of these people for they have been designed accordingly by God Almighty.

As on date not only Indians but the entire mankind is waiting for the blue turbaned one who shall guide the humanity out of the present chaos. It has been interpreted by many that Nostradamus in his quatrains has expressed that the blue turbaned one would be from regions near Iraq and would be primarily of Aryan origin.

But these interpreters fail to realize that by blue turbaned one... Nostradamus meant about a country which is primarily surrounded by water and must be a peninsula in shape. If you look at the map of India upside down... you shall find the Indian peninsula surrounded by blue waters. This is what was interpreted by Nostradamus!

Bhagavan Kalki would be from India alone. Even Nostradamus Predictions would come true in the matter. It is a different matter that most of the regions lying in Iraq and Iran (formerly known as Persia) were a part of the Indian continent long time back.

A normal layman... a grassroots level worker would take the whole system... the whole humanity by storm as happened with Joan of Arc. And this gentleman would be given the nomination of Bhagavan Kalki by the masses.

We also need to understand that unless and until this particular low level worker is aware of the circumstances in which poverty truly lives... he can never take the challenge as would be required of him. So much power would be exercised by this one gentleman that his combined power would dwarf the power exercised and administered by most of the accomplished entrepreneurs, politicians and bureaucrats ever.

Simply stating... Bhagavan Kalki would be twice as powerful as Mahavira, almost four times as powerful as Gautama Buddha, almost eight times as powerful as Jesus Christ and about 16 times more powerful than Prophet Mohammed. There is no exaggeration in these statements.

The happenings of the future will be witnessed by the masses. We need to keep our senses tuned in and the absolute truth would flow into our heart. It is really heartening that Bhagavan Kalki would be one from the masses and shall administer justice to the masses... in the name of the masses and for the masses.

Regarding your query whether... Vijay Kumar is the awaited Bhagavan Kalki... it is for God Almighty to decide. I am a mere instrument in the hands of God. Whatever God bids me to do... I am bound by it under all circumstances. Ever since I realized God in 1993 I am doing his bidding.

Let us leave it to the Allah, the omnipotent God to take care of his children!

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May God bless us all!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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 Full text of query: Wow, thank you kindly for the email, that explains so much and brings a lot of hope. If I may just quickly ask one last question; is it true that the Bhagavan Kalki must come from India, if so, are you him?

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