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Query: What will happen to Iran during next few years, with all the fight going on in Iraq imposed by USA (in neighborhood of Iran)?

Vijay Kumar:
Your concern related to your home country Iran is as valid as the Koran. Do you faintly realize in what jeopardy your country Iran is? Iran is practically on the verge of extinction. With what authority I say this?

It was in 1993 that I realized God. Having gained self realization I had reached the end goal of my cosmic life. I had reached the 8.4 millionth manifestation... the last manifest stage in the life of our soul atman within.

I had gained Kaivalya Jnana beyond which there is nothing knowable in whole Cosmos. reaching the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi... I could now interact with God Almighty on one-to-one basis.

The sooner I realized God... I requested the omnipotent Creator of the cosmos to take me to the frequency of Nostradamus. It was my deeply rooted desire as to what would be "the shape of the world to come". And lo, I was transported to the frequency on which Nostradamus lived.

At whatever stage Nostradamus had left the world stage... I continued further! And what did I see with my inner eyes. A full scale nuclear war between Christianity and Islamic Dharma! A horrible scene was enacted before me and this World War Three was to have occurred in 1998~1999.

It did not happen. Only a few years later the episode of WTC took place. It was the end of that. But the seeds of dissension had been sown. A confrontation by the followers of Islam Dharma with the Christians had begun. Initially it started with Afghanistan and finally a frontal attack on Iraq.

The Americans inherently are practical cowards. They just cannot be believed. The former supreme commander of the erstwhile USSR Mikhail Gorbachev believed in them truthfully. The whole nation had to bite the dust. That resulted in breaking up of the erstwhile USSR. That was what USA wanted. The infidels!

USA as on date is no doubt a powerful nation but who made it the watchdog of planet Earth. It is all related to the imperialism of the Commonwealth. Whatever was practiced and preached by the Lords of UK is being practiced by Americans now. The root is the same. It was some disgruntled citizens yet gentleman of UK who broke away from the main stream and settled in America... the same America which was founded by Christopher Columbus.

The forefathers of the present generation were very polite and extremely intelligent. On the contrary the present generation of USA is aggressive and maneuvering. They are cold-blooded murderers. They feel they can get away with their rowdiness. Iraq succumbed to its injuries but Iran will never. It is in the destiny of Iran that they will fight to the end.

Iranians primarily work on the principle of tit-for-tat. If Iran is challenged by USA then it will be a complete revolt this time by all the Islamic countries of the world. Christianity on one side and Iranians on the other supported by their brethren world-wide! A fight to the finish between Christianity and Islam would lead to a full scale nuclear war... the predicted third world war of the present era.

And this was what I saw on third of August, 1993. Indians are primarily peace loving people. They practice patience and persistence to its extreme. There is no limit to which an Indian can go on the scales of patience and persistence. Mahatma Gandhi was an example of that.

India internally supports Iran for justice must prevail under all circumstances. The manner in which the forces of USA and its allied partners have occupied Iraq is not supported by God Almighty. It is totally undemocratic on the part of USA. The so-called democratic state... the superpower number one of the world!

Iran with the active support of Pakistan (inherently Pakistan is the kingmaker of all such activities and this fact is known world-wide) will become the cause of downfall of USA and its allies forever. India would not be actively involved in the world war. Same will be the situation with China.

2000 million people missing from the world war scene... the world war would primarily be fought by 4000 million people. And to the dismay of all... 1200 million people are destined to perish in the coming World War Three.

In the circumstances you can imagine the fate of Iran and its people. Pakistan and Iran would bear the maximum brunt of the onslaught of USA and its allies. For Pakistan it will be total annihilation. USA has ever considered Pakistan as its spoilt child. When USA ultimately realizes that the kingpin of the game is Pakistan and not Iran... after the world war it would be difficult to locate the country we know as Pakistan today.

The holy Koran supports the theory of World War Three after the year 2000. Bible also supports that Dharma would be re-established after year 2000. Both the communities are primarily fanatic in nature. The passing of fatwa by Iranians is totally undemocratic. None wants to go by logic. Results... complete annihilation!

In a democratic setup one needs to go by the book. The power rests with the people, by the people and for the people. It never rests with the imperialists. The people in USA by and large are enterprising by nature. Only a few handfuls of junkies have taken the whole country to ransom. Still, all shall face the music for they have elected such leaders.

The theory of mass karma is governing. As we behave... so shall we get! Time has now come for the downfall of USA and its allies. And this is a fact known world-wide. Apprehending the downfall from position number one is somehow not acceptable to the kingmakers of USA. They want to bully fight and make way using treacherous means all along.

The torturous attitude reflected in some sections of the armed forces of USA in the war with Iraq is reflective of the country as a whole. Everything... every happening is being watched by Allah from above. In the house of God there is no pardon. We suffer for our follies! Time has now come for USA... the superpower number one to face the justice of Almighty God.

Bhagwan Kalki... an avatar of the era (God Almighty himself manifesting human form) would surface around 2012. The annihilator of the present Kali Yuga (the present metal age aka the Dark Age) Bhagwan Kalki would re-establish Dharma firmly. It will practically be start of new era after the end of the World War Three!

The new era aka Satyuga the golden era would be time of reckoning for all. So much destruction world-wide... human beings would deter running after materialistic riches any further! It will be peace all around.

I distinctly remember somewhere around 1997~1998 when I was giving a discourse in Pune. It so happened that some commanders from the military intelligence of India were present. After the end of the discourse the commander and three of his assistants came to me for discussing some matters in person.

They indicated that I had written on my web site that the funding of the nuclear know-how of Pakistan is being done by Iran. And this has been brought to their notice only a month back from now. How I came to know about it four years earlier than the intelligence reports available with the Indian government!

The technology for making bombs by Pakistan was being provided by China. As stated earlier any human being can go to any frequency and tune in to get all the wisdom available on that frequency. If we desire to know what Prophet Mohammed thought in his times and desire invoking all the thoughts today, we need to go to the frequency on which Prophet Mohammed operated. The sooner that happens... everything that was contained within the head of Prophet Mohammed would get transferred to us. It is as simple as that!

No human being ever produces any thought... we simply invoke the thoughts present in the cosmos since the beginning of time. Coming to the point... every part of humanity would face the onslaught of the coming World War Three. India and China may not participate but all shall suffer though indirectly.

Prayers delay the coming of the war but indefinite delay is ruled out. This was what happened around 1998~1999. So many prayers world-wide prevented the situation from getting converted into World War Three.

WTC affair was a prelude to the coming World War Three. If Americans cannot see through it... they are at fault! None in the whole of world has the right to dictate. We are all human beings in the last leg of our cosmic journey. How is it that sometimes it becomes difficult to differentiate animals from human beings?

May the mercy of God be with all of us!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Nostradamus and Iran explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on nostradamus prophecy can be found at World War Three ... Vijay Kumar - 13 June 2010.

 Full text of query: I wish to know what will happen to my home country "Iran" during next few years, with all these disasters going on with the naybourhood of Iran especially with USA?

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