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World War 3 and Israel

Query: Do you think war between Israel and Lebenon will lead to World War 3? Why god allow such things to happen?

Vijay Kumar:
world war 3 and Israel

The coming world war 3 spells doom for Israel. Might is right but not always. In the earlier Middle East conflict Israel along with the help from United States was able to crush the Middle East conflict at its roots... but not this time!

This time the Islamic fraternity is prepared to the hilt. Supported by China, funded by Iran and masterminded by Pakistan... Israel would bear the maximum brunt in the coming world war 3.

Why such injuries would be inflicted upon Israel this time... is it possible for such a powerful nation to succumb to its injuries. Yes, come whatever may... this time it will be virtual death for Israel. Why?

This war... the looming world war 3 would be with unparalleled vengeance. All the surrounding Islamic countries would practically pour venom on Israel. The long harbored ill will would show in the battlefield.

How come such a happening is possible? Israel with complete support from USA can withstand the combined onslaught of Islamic countries. Yes, it shall be so as long as USA continues to support Israel.

The day USA itself suffers at the hands of Islamic militants... the much needed support by Israel from USA would be altogether missing. And that would be the doomsday for Israel.

Israel would rue the day when the support from USA practically stops. Pakistan, Iran and China would collectively see to it that such a happening occurs in the near future.

A barbaric attack on USA that would result in about half a million people perishing in a single stroke would signal the start of world war 3. It would be something USA had never imagined of. The WTC affair was a precursor to the shape of events to follow.

Such a tragedy... such an infliction would almost paralyze the functioning of USA. By the time USA recovers from the shock... the damage would have been done. Israel would be ruined by then.

In the system of God... power play is never admitted. India with almost three times the population of USA has always been a spectator. Muslims ruled the country for many centuries. Thereafter the British enslaved the country for about two centuries but the domicile inhabitants of India bore it all.

The patience and persistence practiced by Indians is without a parallel. Even in the face of severe extremity there was not much rebellion. Only a handful of guerrilla fights took place every now and then to no avail.

Israel sustains on its own as long as it enjoys the support of USA and its European allies. In absence of this vital support... the situation of Israel is practically like a sitting duck.

Israel definitely is competent to face the might of individual Islamic countries surrounding it. But can it sustain the firepower of all the Islamic countries combined.

In day-to-day affairs of life it is always the day of the Goliath. But when comes the time for David to rule... even elephants fear the might of an ant. Struck at the right point... a single ant can kill an elephant. Not a saying... something that has been practiced since long.

message of God to human beings is clear... stop meddling with the affairs of his! Meddling with nature caused Mother Earth losing a big chunk of vitally needed ozone layer. This puncture in the ozone layer make ultraviolet rays reach Mother Earth unfiltered.

The melting of snow on the North Pole, the glaciers have already caused havoc around the world. The increase in temperatures around the globe is already a serious concern amongst developed nations. What further!

How further low would these so-called developed societies stoop? The Mother Earth is already writhing with pain. In absence of a remedy... these developed nations have a habit of attacking peaceful nations.

In the name of weapons of mass destruction, USA and its allies attacked Iraq. Was it a permanent solution? Whatever we are witnessing now is the lull before the final onslaught.

May wisdom prevail on people of Israel and USA and the world would become a peaceful place to live within.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of World War 3 and Israel explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on nostradamus and israel can be found at World War Three ... Vijay Kumar - 5 June 2010.

Full text of query: I am heared about the war between Israel and Lebenon. Why? Why god allow such things happen? Can god or enligthened people not do something about it? I am distrubed very when war happens. 

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