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Golden Age Era - Kaliyuga Year - Kali Yuga Ends

Query: When exactly would the Golden Age start?

Vijay Kumar:
The prediction of Lord Krishna can never be stated as wrong yet the happenings in time and space are totally dependent upon the pace of development taking place in the society. Whatever was envisaged to happen within a phase of let us say hundred years from that time may now occur within a fraction of days. The time phase between the predictions and the actual happenings has widely reduced because of the scientific developments.

If I ask you how many years from now would a human being be able to travel in space by an aero plane then the answer by some may be a hundred years from now, some may say thousand years and there would be a few who would insist on a timeframe exceeding million years from now. What if our scientists are able to develop the technology within 10 years from now?

After a lapse of about 12 years what would the people say... it was destined that the journey in space would be possible about thousand years from now as was written in the books but what about people taking up space journey 10 years from now. What was predicted was it wrong? No. As is the development of the brain and the science so are the predictions made.

If in times of Lord Krishna the war was fought riding on chariots and horses... do we mean in the present we shall be fighting our neighbors riding chariots and horses only because it is written in the sacred Scriptures? Interpretations change with passage of time. Whatever is written in the sacred Scriptures of all religions existing on Mother Earth... everything is correct... we need to interpret them in the light of the present times.

The doctrine of anekantavada and Syadvada clarifies this further. As per the doctrine of anekantavada, a human being walking on the street can be addressed by one as father and by another as uncle and by the third person as grandfather... does it mean all the three persons are addressing the same person in the wrong manner. All are correct... it is the interrelationship between all that sometimes makes us presume incorrect assumptions.

Similarly in Syadvada the concept of half a glass as full is not agreeable by the second person for he insists upon that the glass is half empty. Both are correct only the interpretation in both the cases being different. If Lord Krishna predicted that the Golden era would start 5000 years from his times he was not incorrect for his assumptions were based upon the residual Karma of the total Humanity at that point of time.

The Karma changes and changes the destiny of mankind. Whatever has been predicted to happen after 5000 years may happen 3500 years from then. The moment I realized God in 1993, I asked God Almighty for a complete vision of the whole Cosmos and also the shape of the things to come. And Lo... God projected the image of Nostradamus before me. Extrapolating further on the same frequency on which Nostradamus operated I was able to see the happenings until 2006.

In 1993 whatever was projected in front of me on the frequency of Nostradamus... a nuclear World War was to have happened somewhere in 1998-1999. It would have been a fight to the finish between Christianity and Islam Dharma. All was based upon the residual Mass Karma of 6000 million people (the total community of the World) at that moment of time. As time passed by the prayers increased... this resulted in temporary postponement of the eventuality.

The WTC episode of 9/11 in 2001 shook United States of America from its roots. It may have converted into a full-fledged World war but in all eventualities in the whole of mankind who is interested in a war. In every war all become the losers... there is nothing to gain except massive devastation all over. This inherent feeling in every Human being results in delaying a war or the impending doom. Whenever the Humanity senses of the impending dangers ahead... most of the people around the globe resort to prayers.

These prayers prolong the coming of the happening. The community as on date may have prevented the looming nuclear World war but for how long? The whole cosmic system works like a clock. It is not that all of a sudden we have the twilight of the beginning of the Golden era. It can never be. Before the start of the Golden era... the Humanity has to pass through the worst phase of life one can ever imagine. This is a period when the trust among human beings is at its lowest ebb. Unable to trust one another... everyone lands himself into a making all resent later.

When we are passing through the phase of night around four o'clock in the morning... we can never expect the dawn to start immediately. The dawn will come on its fixed time. We have to wait for another two more hours. When it is 5 a.m. in the morning it is still darker and from five to 6 a.m. in the morning it is the darkest hour of the night. Unless we pass this phase of life we cannot expect to see the dawn of the next day.

The darkest hour of the night is the period of the World war... unless the complete impurities existing within the society are wiped out in the World war... a fight to the finish... the Golden era shall never dawn. The start of the Golden era confirms that the society is not only comparatively cleaner but it is absolutely clean. Materialistic riches no more attract human beings. Wanton desires carry no meaning for every Human being has learnt the true meaning of life.

I must say that many people in the present tsunami episode must have learnt their lessons for life... those who always ran after the materialistic riches will never repeat the same mistake again. But it is quite unfortunate that in the present incident most were innocent. They only bore the brunt of the ills committed by the community as a whole. As the Mother Nature gets disturbed it reacts and no one knows who shall live or die. In the present tsunami episode the death of innumerable fishermen is a ghastly tragedy that shall always be remembered for these poor people indulged in the only source of their livelihood and there seems to be no reason why God punished them.

In the present tsunami episode many paid with their lives for the ill will done by others. Come the World War Three and everything would get settled. Those who actually commit crime have escaped the fury of nature this time. But a short while from now those who are guilty shall not be spared. Such noting can be found in the Bible and also various sacred Scriptures of different religions world-wide. None who has committed crime can escape the fury of God. Life is like that. One commits the crime and other pays by his life but in the end everything gets settled.

And for the cleansing of the society as a whole everyone awaits with abated breath the advent of an Avatar of the era... in the present Kali Yuga phase (the metal age) all are awaiting the coming of Bhagwan Kalki who shall destroy the darkness of the Kali Yuga the metal age and usher all into the domains of the Golden era (Satyuga in Hinduism).

In Jainism... this darkest hour of the night is known as Chattam Chatta... the period when the good will fight the evil and eventually win in the end. Bhagwan Kalki, the Avatar of the modern era shall uphold the dignity of the human beings by making one and all realize the real essence of life. Only after the Chattam Chatta has occurred that the total society would find materialistic tendencies taking a back seat.

In present times we can confidently say that we are living in a World wherein materialistic tendencies exists within 95% of the community. On the contrary in a Satyuga the golden era the materialistic tendencies reduce to 5%. It is a complete reversal of the thought processes of the society at large. We feel contended with whatever we have and never indulge in wanton desires.

Only after a passage of 3600 years since the times of Lord Krishna that the Avatar of the modern era Bhagwan Kalki shall present himself before the community. And we need to wait for this to happen. The worst in the society is still to come. Initially it was the WTC affair (9/11 episode of 2001) that resulted in the death of about 45,000 people. Next the present tsunami episode resulting in the death of above 300,000 people! Next it may be something wherein a quarter million would vanish and that would ring the bells for the start of the nuclear war of this era... World War Three.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Golden Age Era explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on kaliyuga year can be found at 2012 End of the World ... Vijay Kumar - 13 June 2010.

 Full text of query: Lord Krishna predicted the Golden Age after 5000 years into Kali Yuga. Which year did Lord Krishna leave this earth? If it 3102 bc, we've already passed 5105 years of Kali Yuga. I only see deterioration in the quality of our lives but no signs of Golden Age. When exactly would the Golden Age start? Tell me exactly the events that takeplace before the commencement of the Golden Age?

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