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Sex and Kundalini Awakening

Query: Sex and Kundalini Awakening and Kama- Are they related? Importance of Karma... How is it related to previous lives? Importance of having a Guru?

Vijay Kumar:
To put it bluntly... a god realized soul knows everything that is knowable in whole cosmos. If that is so... if every copy of every sacred Scripture on Mother Earth gets destroyed... is it possible for one who has realized God (gained enlightenment aka Kaivalya Jnana) duplicate the same on his own. Yes! For every God realized person... one who gains freedom from future manifestations forever can invoke the complete wisdom contained in the cosmos through the power of Shruti.

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It is not a difficult task even for an ordinary mortal to recognize a God realized soul amongst the various Spiritual masters of the era. our atman the soul within always prompts one on the right path... the moment we come across a God realized person we shall know the truth for a God realized person never refers to any document whatsoever including any sacred Scripture for he knows all... for all practical purposes a God realized person becomes omniscient... the nor of all.

I never wanted to refer this but on your insistence I have to clear your doubts-

A God realized person and an enlightened one... is there any difference between Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Gautama Buddha. No? Not in the least... both reached stage of enlightenment and that is possible only after one becomes the knower of all wisdom contained in the Cosmos. It is as if one is traveling by first-class in an express train and the other in a mail train. Both are traveling in first class and their destination was also the same that they have reached. Now having reached the destination it is insignificant whether we traveled by a mail train on an express train.

What concerns us is that one has completed the journey. In the present era most human beings do not want to talk of enlightenment as they feel that in the present era it is not possible for one to gained enlightenment... Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana had the capability to reproduce every sacred document existing on Mother Earth! They were truly enlightened souls of the modern era. The ego within a human being is not able to fathom that another Human being like him can become enlightened in the modern era. The prime reason why the society would fail to recognize a truly enlightened soul! In the modern era an enlightened soul is known by the world god realization or self realization.

Whatever names you have quoted... if you ask these people that do they refer any sacred Scripture in their discourses or otherwise... there reply would be yes! Such Spiritual pundits can never stress upon the fact that they are God realized. They never will call themselves as God realized but if their followers call them God realized... most of them would keep mum as it is in their benefit. A truly God realized soul never runs after accumulating wealth. Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana never had anything of their own.

They relished the life after God realization by lying on a cot and answering to the queries of the multitudes that came to meet them. God realized souls are always and never about the catch of the five senses and the mind. On the contrary the Spiritual pundits, swamis of today care more for their hermitage than the benefit of mankind.

Swami Vivekananda explicitly many times referred that he never wanted to realize God in his life. It was not that he was not aware of the powers of God but he had learnt to keep his senses and partly his mind within his control. This enabled him to continue serving the society physically. On the contrary every God realized soul helps the community more on the mental level than the physical.

If you talk to any of the stringent followers of Swami Vivekananda... none would admit that Swami Vivekananda did not realize God in his lifetime. Do we pity these ignorant followers or let them be what they are. Why dispute anybody... the truth always remains a truth... none can defy the truth come whatever may. Having seen the Sun in its entirety... one loses interest in the power of a candle or a bulb. Similar is the case with a God realized soul. The moment one has a darshan of God Almighty in its entirety after self realization... everything in whole Cosmos becomes crystal clear to this self-realized soul.

Swami Vivekananda was a Spiritual master who was interested in uplifting of the poor and the downtrodden. He went to USA in search of money and in return he offered the wisdom of the cosmos... the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita to the citizen's of USA. They did not oblige him... he returned from USA empty-handed after his most famous speech in Chicago in the "Parliament of religions"... a seminar conducted amongst the most renowned masters of Spirituality and Religion.

After his Chicago speech Swami Vivekananda was a famous man... but also a broken one for his hopes were dashed... he had never anticipated that the people in the West were so materialistic in nature. He was totally dumbfounded. After having returned to India he did not survive for long for his failure in America troubled him most. Whatever best he could do for the society within the manageable means he continued doing but during those times India was really poor! This fact made Swami Vivekananda regret whatever had happened in America.

Swami Vivekananda throughout his life lived like Mother Teresa... he served the poor and the downtrodden all the time! Now can we say that mother Teresa was not inclined towards Christianity or she was not a follower of Bible? She was... she had tremendous faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ. This power led her to serve the community in a better way. Similarly Swami Vivekananda derived his power to work and help the community by the teachings rendered to him by his Spiritual master Ramakrishna Paramhansa.

Talking about reincarnation and the past lives... I shall close the chapter now. Whatever may have been our Karma in all the past lives... it was only on the basis of the balance residual Karma that you were born. If you really desire to look into your past then go to a chartered accountant and ask him for the financial details of the company. Ask him that you want to look into the balance sheets of the last five years. The blunt reply of the chartered accountant would be that whatever was the opening balance of any particular year it was carried over to the next year at the close of the financial year.

If we desire to look into the year 2002 than the chartered accountant would say that whatever be the working of the company in 2002... it is reflecting in the year 2003 as the effects of the closing of the 1992 was taken into account while opening the account for the year 2003. Similarly for 2003 the account were closed on 31 of March 2004. Whatever may have been the situation of the company in the past everything reflects in the opening balance sheet of the company as on 1 April 2004? Still, Do we desire to look into the balance sheets of the yester era?

Having been born in the house of a blacksmith... if the blacksmith's son desires looking into his past... it is meaningless. He knows that only due to the residual Karma in his balance he was born in the house of a blacksmith. Had he a residual Karma of a different nature... he might have been born in the house of a king. It was not to be... he is what he is. Whatever we sow we reap the same... nothing more or less! We never expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree.

We are not supposed to be looking into the past... it is absolutely prohibited by God Almighty for it shall not only result in total confusion but may also result in the total collapse of the cosmic system. I in my own life never wanted to look into the past. Why? I had a goal in my life and I wanted to accomplish it within this life. Had I the time to look into the past. What value is of life (a period of 70 to 80 years) compared to the total cosmic life span of 96.4 million years in the life of an atman the soul within? I proceeded on the path of pure Spirituality with absolute faith in the Almighty God. It is only the power of faith that I realized God one-day.

Almost 99% people in the World do not have absolute faith in the system of God. Believing in God and praying to God does not mean one has absolute faith in the system of God. Unwavering faith... power to forgive one and all... never recollecting the past... practicing Neti (not is, not this... more on Neti can be found in the various essays on my different web sites)... reaching the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi having gained control of senses and the mind were some of the ingredients which helped me realize God one-day.

We cannot proceed on the path of pure Spirituality unless we have absolute faith in the system of God. Nothing in the domain of God operates below the level of hundred percent. Even a steam engine would not operate at 99° centigrade for to produce steam we require the water to boil at hundred degrees centigrade. Acharya Rajneesh reached almost the last leg of his cosmic life... the stage of 99% but thereafter he succumbed to his wrong thinking. He advocated practice of free sex that according to him would lead to communion with God. He was an utter failure in that. He lived a life of disgrace in the end years of his life. On the contrary had he not committed this mistake and as far as I have read through his literature... he would have realized God within this life. The poor man!

in present life even though we are destined to treat others as children of God does not mean that we give away our comfort for those who may either not turn out to be a suitable candidate for the goodwill and alternatively may be the cause of downfall of the society. Many a times I have seen that whenever money is given in form of charity... the prime purpose is not helping the needy but it is the recognition from the society we are after for we never know that the money spent on charity may lend up at a bar shop.

Our intentions in giving the charity may not be questionable yet the antecedents of the one who is being given the charity can definitely be questioned! What use giving a charity that lands up at the wrong place? Who can say firmly that the charity being given by one shall not be misused for purchase of liquor or whiled away in a sex shop? If this happens then one who has given the charity is also punished by God for he is also in some way responsible for the sin committed by the one on whom the charity was showered!

As desired by God... anything and everything surplus with us can be used for the benefit of the society. And what is the definition of surplus is to be decided by us alone. None in the World can guide us as to this aspect of life. One has to abide by the sweet small inner voice prompting us from within (the voice of our atman, the soul within) which always guides us on the right path.

Onto your queries... not everyone who has his kundalini awakened fully realize God. Awakening of Kundalini will lead to gaining most of the cosmic powers as our brain becomes fully active after having awakened the kundalini. In realizing God there are many factors that come into play at the same time. Apart from the awakening of Kundalini... absolute control of senses and the mind is a must... it is not necessary that whoever has kundalini awakened also has taken control of all the five senses and the mind.

Truly speaking kundalini can only be awakened in totality only by one who has practiced absolute celibacy continuously for a minimum period of 12 years...never before! Whoever claims otherwise is wrong. The exponent of sahaja yoga... Ma Nirmala Devi claims she has awakened her kundalini fully. She also claims that she can train many people at a time and get their kundalini awakened. The process of awakening of Kundalini occurs in one in a billion... how can it be that by her wanting awakening of a person... she can make one awakened! So is not to be in the cosmic system... unless the seeker himself awakens his or her kundalini... no Spiritual master can do this externally... not just possible!

During the World philosophers meet in 1997... when Ma Nirmala Devi gave a guest lecture... one could make out that she herself was not fully awakened... how could one who has not yet awakened her kundalini fully could make others awaken their kundalini! Most of the Spiritual masters of the present times are after material comforts, name and fame. Most are least bothered about the welfare of the society in general. Placing a trust in such people misleads the innocent seekers of Spirituality. May God bless them?

Having realized God... one can commune with God every second of his life... one is a grain of sand and the other the whole mound. Both have the same nature... a purified Atman has most of the cosmic powers that be. But all powers are meant to be used for the welfare of the society... if misused these powers can also be taken away by God.

In the Spiritual realm mere desires and wishes never help. It is not up to the student who has to take the decision... it solely the prerogative of the Spiritual master whether he can accept one as Shishya (a dedicated student) or not. If a student of class three desires to learn of the books of class seven... would it be possible for the teacher to bestow upon him the teachings meant for class seven. No. Never! No student of class three shall be ever able to decipher the teachings meant for class seven. The student needs to take the steps gradually and it is only after having cleared class four, five and six that the student shall become eligible for the teachings meant for class seven.

The field of pure Spirituality is based on absolute faith... there is nothing commercial in the field of Spirituality. There are no shortcuts. None in the World can get out of a Spiritual master anything by force. Even if the teacher desired... one would not be able to teach to the student of class three the books of class seven. Such things are just not possible in the domain of Spirituality. We have to be wise and arrive at every decision in the field of Spirituality logically.

I am again being blunt... in the whole of World there would be at the most one or two persons who would be capable of digesting the pearls of wisdom a god realized soul has to teach. Others are just not competent... not that they are not wise or inferior but everyone has to climb the ladder step-by-step. We can never hope to jump from class three to class seven in a go. For an ordinary mortal it is unthinkable.

To sum up... there is nothing in the Cosmos which one cannot get hold of... initially we need to decide the goal of life as a human being... a life containing not more than 70 to 80 years. Beyond that our atman the soul within would leave the body and manifest again a new body! Who knows what shall be we in next manifestation! Why not act now!

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May God bless you!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Sex and Kundalini Awakening explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on controlling kama can be found at Kundalini Awakening ... Vijay Kumar - 5 June 2010.

 Full text of query: I am surprised to hear from you that in the last 150 years only Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana could realize God. May I know about Shri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh and Shri Ramchandraji of Shahajanhapur and Shri Parthasarathi Rajgopalachari (whether they have realized God or not)? (more info regarding them is give at Can I somehow know that whether a particular person is God Realized or not? About Swami Vivekanand, as per the little that I had read about him, he was all for God so when & why did he change his goal to something else? When he got up from the meditation in Kanyakumari, he said "I've got what I wanted for so long"(or a similar statement). If this was not God Realization than what was it that he had got?

Gita says that we should do everything without attachment. In our daily lives, we encounter situations to make choice one after another. take this job or not? Ok taken, now try for better job or not? Go for higher studies or not?And all our decisions are based on material progress. So how do we do it?and how should we take a decision?if i think that all creatures are my brothers and sisters, if anybody in need of money comes to me, does it mean that I give hime whatever I have? if not how do we make a decision?

About controlling sesnes, I find it difficult controlling my mind from mental thoughts regarding sex. I found your concept of considering every female as my sister useful. It helps. Can you suggest other useful techniques that you might have found/developed during journey?

May I ask, is it that whoever has awakened his kundalini has realised God? What do you mean by Neti? Is it "doing nothing"? When we realize God, are we separate from God and "connected" to Him or we "become" God and there is no distinction between the two? As you said, we take manifestations to only undergo the effect of our Karma and so that we can realize God. And also that there are some mantras to cleanse negative Karma. Are there any mantras to cleanse both positive and negative Karma so that nothing is left and our journey is completed? And why don't you disclose those mantras to people who are ready to accept them?

Do you think that taking a Guru can speed up the progress?

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