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World War 3 When Shall it be

Query: World War 3... when shall it be?

Vijay Kumar:
As per my original article it was neither 2004 nor 2006... it was 2003 when World War 3 could have been expected!

Everything that goes on in the cosmic World is predestined... still; the theory of Mass Karma prevails. The sooner I had realized God in 1993 I requested God Almighty to show me the Worldview in the coming years.

Immediately, I was taken to the mental frequency on which operated Nostradamus... and lo whatever Nostradamus had written was clear to me... I did not venture into the past but wanted a scenario of the shape of the World to come.

The whole scenario was projected before me and it was on this basis the article "shape of the world to come (1994-2006)" was written. Nothing in the article written by me can be stated to be my own inference... it was a direct dictation by God Almighty.

Based on the residual Mass Karma of the World community in 1993... it was projected before me that a nuclear World war 3... a fight to the finish between Christianity and Islam Dharma was imminent in 1998. Somewhere between 1998 and 1999 beginning I could foresee the start of a really disastrous World war in which about 1200 million people were going to perish. (About 20% of the entire population existing on Mother Earth)

The World war 3 was to have continued from 1999 to 2003 four a period of full four years. Subsequently after about two years everything would have subsided. In 2006 was expected a new World order under the reins of India which would become superpower number one after the nuclear World war. China shall become the second biggest power on Mother Earth.

From 1993 till 1998... there were lot of prayers for the masses could see the evil taking a foothold... people smelled of a bad time to come and so increased the prayers. These prayers resulted in postponement of the World war. It is now 2004 and still there is no sign of an imminent nuclear World war. The future happenings can get delayed but they cannot be permanently postponed for now it is not even within the control of God Almighty to set things right.

All is based on the theory of Mass Karma... as performs the World community comprising of 6000 million people... so shall be the result. As we sow so shall we reap... nothing more or less! We cannot expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree. The start of the third and the last nuclear World war is primarily dependent upon the superpower number one and its allies... as long as they practice patience and persistence... we shall keep on waiting for the World war... and who is seriously interested in a World war to happen?

Whether one indulges or not... whether a country is involved or not... all shall be affected by the World War Three. The alarming aftermath of the World war keeps the top superpowers on their toes... it would be a very difficult decision for a country to wage a World war. Whatever pressures USA and its allies may create on North Korea, Iraq, Iran or Pakistan... the nuclear war shall not get triggered unless USA and its allies crossed all limits of Human considerations. It is then the Muslim World will retaliate with full fury.

At that moment of time whether it is the clerics of Iran or Osama bin laden who leads the attacks is immaterial for once started there is no pulling back. The aftermath of the third nuclear war was described by Einstein as, "After the third and the final nuclear war of this era... the mankind would again revert to the Stone Age"! His guess was right... so it shall be! The pinch after the third World war would be so calamitous for all of us that people will die in millions because most of them would not be able to bear the shock.

The patience and persistence practiced by India ever since the beginning of time is something to be revered all over. It is this practice of patience and persistence that is required to indefinitely postpone the coming World War Three. But it shall not be for the Yankee society of USA has tasted blood in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are crying for more and more. Be it north Korea or Iran or even Palestine... all are suffering at the hands of USA and its allies.

In the present Kali Yuga phase of the cosmic cycle (the metal age)... things go beyond the control of human beings. The present president of United States of America would be blamed for triggering the World War Three but he alone would not be responsible for he is holding an elected seat. He is there for people have elected him to that seat. Whatever decisions he takes... it is on the behalf of the citizens of USA.

It is an irony of fate that George Bush got re-elected for it has been destined that it is in his times that the World War Three is likely to start. USA has exercised its might beyond the limits of Human considerations... God never pardons such acts... we have to suffer for our follies! Come whatever may... no Human being on Mother Earth can infuse the teachings of patience and persistence in the Americans now. Even if Lord Buddha were here today... he would have failed in his mission.

As is being stated by many astrologers that life is coming to a full circle. They are right! In the cosmic system created by God... everyone at different stages of life faces ups and downs and similarly the whole society... the countries themselves face upheaval... the values in the society having been lost... the trust between human beings is at its lowest ebb. The common masses are waiting with abated breath the advent of a nuclear war. No Joan of Arc or a Mahatma Gandhi can help at this stage.

The ruthless plundering of Iraq by USA and its allies (in the name of WMD)... and the ruins of Afghanistan speak for themselves... the present society lives in fear for might is right! Those who are meek and truthful are treated as cowards. They shall tend to lose initially but shall win in the end.

The aftermath of the World War Three would be controlled by one who is ruthless yet a glorious Human being whom every Human being is going to respect. One who shall be called Bhagwan Kalki... the destroyer of the metal age, the Kali Yuga phase of the modern era! Bhagwan Kalki shall usher the Humanity to a new phase in the history of mankind. The start of a new golden era... something unbelievable In present times but it shall be!

In this moment of time we must not wait for what is in store for us but continue doing our best... only then shall we be able to sustain the injuries of the World War Three... injuries which would be more of mental in nature than physical. More people are going to die because of the aftershocks of the war than the physical injuries.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of World War 3 When Shall it Be explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on world war 3 new world order can be found at World War Three ... Vijay Kumar - 5 June 2010.

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