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Query: How Prophet Mohammed gained his spiritual knowledge even though he was married and living like a family man? And what kind of meditation Prophet mohammed use to do in Mount Hira?

Vijay Kumar:
Who says one cannot practice Brahmacharya Vrata (Celibacy) while living a married life? Prophet Mohammed practiced Brahmacharya Vrata while on Mount Hira. His submission to God Almighty while at Mount Hira became absolute. He got so totally immersed in thoughts of God Almighty that while remaining in Mount Hira he reached stage of enlightenment.

All experiences of Prophet Mohammed at Mount Hira relate to various stages of kundalini awakening! Whatever he experienced in his dreams or during seizures... all related to varied experiences of kundalini awakening! Kundalini experiences of all human beings were different. As many human beings... as many different paths to God Almighty can there be!

Many people say that prophet Mohammed did not gain enlightenment in his lifetime. What was Valmiki before becoming Valmiki... the writer and composer of sacred epic Ramayana! Valmiki was a criminal of the highest order before events in life changed him totally. Any human being... no matter how deranged can change overnight based on circumstances of life! Valmiki and prophet Mohammed changed overnight overcome by compelling circumstances!

Any human being can change path of life drastically based on present circumstances. If one is a robber does not mean one remains a robber throughout life! Human beings have been imbibed with that special power of discrimination that distinguished human beings from animals! Using this power of discrimination any human being world over could manifest destiny at will. One can always change goals in life and reach and bracket in life one willed for! This was difficult to achieve... but not impossible!

Prophet Mohammed became a true messenger of God in his lifetime. All his revelations came directly from God Almighty! It was not the outcome of any delusion. Prophet Mohammed knew well what he had achieved. To understand an enlightened one was beyond competence of most human beings on mother earth. Why? Messages from God can never be understood by limited power of senses. One had to cut across shackles of karma forever (negate karma to zero) to reach stage of enlightenment in present life.

The entire teachings of Prophet Mohammed are not based on rhetoric! All resulted from the enlightened prophet Mohammed... who gave to mankind what we learnt on spiritual path!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Prophet Mohammed explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on messenger of god can be found at Hindu Gods ... Vijay Kumar - 20 November 2012 (090606)

 Full text of query: Thank you very much for sharing your precious knowledge on cosmic energy. I would like to ask you how Prophet Mohammed gained his spiritual knowledge even though he was married and living like a family man? I am having this doubt because you have mentioned in Cosmic Energy that Man should not indulge in sex if he wants to achieve salvation. And what kind of meditation Prophet mohammed use to do in Mount Hira?

In his first Revelations, He mentions that When he was in deep meditation, He was suddenly saw angel like being which squeezed him vehemently and tremendous amount fear enveloped his heart. Then angel said "Recite" But Prophet mohammed said, 'I cannot recite.' Then his first relevation started. When he ran out of cave with so much trauma, he saw angel everywhere. he came back to his wife Khadijah, and said, "Cover me, ... cover me." They covered him until he restored security. He apprised Khadijah of the incident of the cave and added that he was horrified. Is This is true revelation?? Is he really Messenger of God??

The majority of Muhammad's biographers concede that he received all of his revelations from god, either in dreams or during seizures. During the painful episodes of seizures, "Muhammad heard bells ringing in his ears and pearl-sized drops of perspiration trickled from his body even during the winter" (Martin Ling, op. cit, p. 245). When fully recovered, he narrated the contents of the vision written down by scribes. I will be greatful to you if you can really explain this phenomena from your point of view.

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